Violeta: Living in a Perpetual Sunday 

Violeta moved from Paris to NYC. She is a graduate student at Columbia University studying creative writing. She discovered Queens by chance one Sunday afternoon while meeting a fellow student at PS1 MoMa--she instantaneously fell in love with Long Island City, NY. Every Sunday she sets to discover new areas in her adopted neighborhood of Queens. With every excursion into Queens, she sets to unravel the diversity, history and beauty of Queens. 


Director: Erik Montovano
Story: Andreea Prichea
Cast: Mia Hutchinson Shaw, Violeta Norona, Mauricio Norona
Cinematographer: Erik Montovano

Edit and color: Erik Montovano
Alarm Bells Ringing by Jake Bradford Sharp
Darker ego by neon ridge
Down to earth by oliver michael
Over the rainbow by ottom
Sky city (instrumental version) by davis absolute
Wide awake (instrumental version) by davis absolute