Norman Manea: 25 Years in Translation


Norman Manea: 25 years in Translation - Watch on Amazon

Short documentary for Yale Press featuring a dialogue with writer Norman Manea celebrating 25 years of his work in translation. Norman Manea discusses exile and the importance of translation. Manea is currently a professor and writer in residence at Bard College. He has received numerous important American and European distinctions (Medicis Etranger Prize, Nelly Sachs Prize, Palau Fabre Prize, American McArthur Fellowship..). He is considered the most honored Romanian writer outside his homeland and is often a candidate for the Nobel Prize in literature.

Director: Erik Montovano
Writer: Andreea Prichea

Motion Design, Edit and color: Erik Montovano

Technical specs
Lenses: Zeiss Classic - 21, 35, 50, 85