MoGraph - Original Series


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MoGraph is a Hooligan&Co. production directed by Erik Montovano and written by Andreea Prichea.

A comedy web-series that focuses on the creative start-up, SquarePeg first week in business. The daily workday consists of the bizarre interactions and clashes between the different creative personalities, the intern's curious behavior and Emma's, the producer, financial and emotional panic.

MoGraph, short for Motion Graphics, came about from our experience of starting a creative studio back in 2006. We remember with great fondness the first few months of our journey, the trepidations of getting a new client, the fear of messing up the creative brief, and the excitement of collaborating with new creative talent. We were young, barely out of college, yet already with years of professional experience under our belt. MoGraph was born out of nostalgia and out of wanting to create something funny and lighthearted.

The focus of the web-series is the first week of SquarePeg, a creative studio in NYC. The series is not autobiographical, but as with everything creative it contains kernels of characters and situations inspired by the many interns, freelancers, and staff we have hired and collaborated with over the years. The series consists of seven two to five minute episodes.

To create the world of the characters we took inspiration from the cinematography of Spike Jonze’s film Her. We intended to create an environment that felt nuanced, but at the same time conveyed a certain monotone/monochrome mood. We wanted the characters to grow into the office space, and to grow with each line of dialogue. The dialogue is intended to be funny, with blotches of a more dramatic tone. The overall aesthetic and tone of the series is motivated by a sense of silliness combined with some level of reality.

Directed by Erik Montovano
Written by Andreea Prichea.

Starring: Artie Brennan, Anthony Giordano, Gary Lee Mahmoud, Alex McKelley, James Pugel, & Jessica Ritacco

Cinematography By Dylan Verrechia
Sound recordist by Sasha Larco

Music by Malcolm Francis in C/O popular beat combo
Sound Mix by Joseph Colmenero

Shot on RED Weapon 6K
Lenses - Zeiss Superspeeds MKii 35mm + 50mm MKiii 25mm + 85mm