Jane - Short Film


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Most of Jane's friends are engaged or married. Jane wants to join the marriage bandwagon. Jane borrows a self-help book from her mother's bookshelf. The book promises to reveal techniques on how to impress a man into marriage. Jane excited by the new information sets to apply the  [out of date] techniques on the first man she encounters.

The idea for Jane comes from the many New Year’s Eve skits Andreea grew up watching on Romanian television. There is a lot of silliness and absurdity intended in the skit. The silliness is a response to the pressures of keeping up with others, and the constant whirlpool of self-help books and articles. It also reveals the absurdity found in the customs of a patriarchal society. 

We filmed on a stage with a colorful backdrop. Our intention was from the start to integrate fun illustrations and animation to contribute to the narrative and to the overall silliness of the story.

Directed by Erik Montovano
Written by Andreea Prichea
Starring: Artie Brennan & Rachel Stanwyck

Camera + Gaffer: Tim Ciavara
Sound Recordist: Sasha Larco
Music by Eric Shans + Malcolm Francis
Edit + Color + Animation: Erik Montovano